Vientiane and Surrounds



Final approach to the Vientiane airport - at the bend in the Mekong





Wattay International Airport is modern and efficient





Pha That Luang is the most important Buddist temple in the country





An offering altar inside the temple





One of many beautiful temples found throughout the city















The Presidential Palace has little significance in this politically dynamic country





The Patuxai is the Lao version of the French Arc de Triomphe. Built in the 1960's using cement purchased by the U.S. Government for a new runway at the airport, this monument can be seen from nearly any spot in the city.





From the North.





From the West.





From the South. The Royal Hotel was one of the several we used in trips to Vientiane.





One great inheritance from the French colonial days is the wonderful bread and pastries available throughout the country. Very good way to begin a day.









Friendship Bridge is a permanant link to Thailand across the Mekong.




A favorite watering spot is one of the many open air bars lining the edge of the Mekong. Here we end a long day and plot out the adventures for tomorrow.




From our table.


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