Venice and Murano





Beautiful morning in paradise




Train station (left) and vaparetto stop, Church, and bridge over the Grand Canal.





Same bridge from opposite side of the river. Train station off of the left side. Hotel at far right across the canal.





Busy canal





Karl takes a picture





Steve is ready to roll





The Grand Canal





The Rialto Bridge





The Dodge's Palace





Piazza San Marco





Faye keeps in touch










Glass galore





St Francis is ready to help





Ripe fruit





Gate to hidden garden





Today's specials





Ending with a perfect dinner





With Bill and Jan


















Murano canal




Bend in the canal




Murano canal junction





Glass artist shaping a vase





Crystal chandelier and other Murano goodies





Karl checks out the chandelier art collection




















Edith charges a chandelier





Ready for lunch





Returning to Venice on a vaporetto





My dream yacht













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