The Great Christening Event




The big Christening Event starts Wednesday September 17th, 2008, with a reunion on Edith and Karl's deck. Norman and Deirdre have come up from Sonoma; Abbi, Steve and Xander from Louisville; and Faye and I from Ludlow and Kwaj. Here, Norm plays ball and Abbs chugs...





Steve tells a tall one while we enjoy hors d'ouvres and drinks. After a great time, we all head over to Port Ludlow for the next few days, and the great event.





Loafing in Ludlow...





The girls spin some tales..





The whole scene. Great gathering!





Norman plays with Xander while preparations are underway for the Christening.





Edith shows off Audrey in her Christening dress.





The altar scene.





Xander is first in line. Not a bit intimidated.





Norman does the job with holy water.





Drying off.





Then the blessing with holy oil.





Audrey is next.





Give me the towel!





I can't believe you did that to me!





Some champagne to celebrate the Christening. Great job, Norman!





War stories around the dinner table.





Xander says "Sit right here, Grampsie".





Xander on one of his upstairs walks. Like all great times, this one ended way too soon. On Sunday Norman and Deirdre flew back to Sonoma, and Steve Forence headed back to Louisville. The rest of us headed back to Edith and Karl's home in Newcastle.





Xander heads out to the playground with Gramps.





Yea, Vote for Barak.





The Louisville kid.





This sliding is really fun!





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