Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai


The Sukhothai airport is a simple runway with no taxiway. Passengers are met by this cute passenger bus for the short ride to the terminal.









The terminal and surrounds are absolutely beautiful.




Small but efficient arrivals terminal. Really beautiful. We are met by our rental car and driver for getting around over the next three days.




We stayed at this beautiful Sukhothai Resort Hotel. Private cabin. Five star ambiance.


Sukhothai Historical Park

Sukhothai Historical Park is located on a lake about 8 miles west of the town of Sukhothai.









































Neat stuff for sale at little sheds like this one in front of Wat Sri Cham.




Wat Sri Cham is unusual with a blackened buddha.








Hello and goodbye...



Si Satchanalai Historical Park

Si Satchanalai Historical Park is located about 35 miles north of the town of Sukhothai.































Hey there...





Ever fed a watermelon to an elephant? Stand back - could be messy...



Sukhothai Jewelery

Sukhothai gold jewelery is world famous. Easily recognized, unique style.


There are lots of excellent jewelry stores around Sukhothai where artisians make this exquisite gold jewelry. This store, Supaporn, is one which we really liked. Beautiful jewelry, as you will see below.





Products are displayed in the front area. The workshops are just behind.








A necklace.





Another necklace





A bracelet.








Beautiful anywhere.



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