Snow Fun



Early Friday morning between snow squalls. Abbi and Glenn and the kids are packing their bags.





And off they go into a heavy snow squall. Glad they have four-wheel drive. They did make it to Vegas in time for their flight home. It has been a great time together!





After a lazy breakfast we decide to see if we could drive up to Bryce Canyon. Snowing, but really beautiful. White upon red and orange rock.





Pretty slow going. The snow has covered the tree branches.





We finally realize that the roads are becoming dangerous, and decide to turn back.





Good that we did turn around. We pass more trouble heading back.





Wouldn't you know it. Just as we near Kanab the sun breaks through to reveal a winter wonderland.





Karl and Audrey have a snowball fight.





Final pose. Lets get back in the car - it's really cold!





Kanab looks very different with its winter face on.





View from our front door. Sun finally breaking through again. Tonight the temperature will drop to 13 degrees!





View out the back door. Really a beautiful place.





Karl does some final cleanup. We need to leave at 5:30 in the morning in order to catch our flight home from Salt Lake City. It was a six hour drive on icy roads, but we made it just in time. Thanks for driving, Karl. Thanks to all of you for a fabulous week!





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