Our Apartment Home




Saishol Mansion - our home in Bangkok was in this two-tower complex on the Chao Praya River. Our tower on the left fronted on the water. Our apartment was on the 28th of 40 floors. Two apartments per floor - each with four bedrooms, four bathrooms and maid's quarters.





View looking upstream to our apartment tower





Our living room and dining room in the evening





Same view in the morning





This is the full view from our living room balcony looking upriver towards the city





This is the view from the back terrace of our apartment looking downstrean towards the Gulf of Thailand.





The green guest bedroom





The red guest bedroom





Our master bedroom





Faye's friend gives max a hug





Max - king of the world





Faye in the dining room





Christmas potrait - Neut, Faye & Max, and Steve





Faye and friends





Max and Jeap, our wonderful Thai instructor and friend





Steve's favorite spot for after work relaxation





Dusk from the terrace





Morning looking upstream




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