And Benabbio




It is really great to be back with friends in Benabbio. The view from Anna's front door remains breathtaking.





Feliche is picking some grapes for us to take home. These are special grapes - taste just like sweet strawberries.





We all head down to the most beautiful graveyard in the world to pay respects to two friends that have passed away since our last visit.





The first is located on the south west wall.





The final resting place of Lelia, mother of Feliche and Anna. Only 106 years old! Always a wonderful, cheerful person over the years that we had the pleasure of knowing her.





The second is the final resting place of our friend Achille Rossi, former head of the Bagni di Lucca police. A really neat guy loved and/or highly respected by everyone that knew him.





He left us way to early due to cancer. He is much missed.





Feliche says that's enough of the graveyard stuff. Michela and Beatrice agree. Its time to head up to a sumptious meal prepared by Anna.





The beautiful walk up. Anna served us a many course gourmet meal that included the best octopus we have ever had. Wow!





On another visit to Benabbio, Faye, Feliche and I head up to the church for a tour of the new museum. Don Mario, the priest of Benabbio has offered a personal tour.





The museum is located in this building behind the church.





First view of this formal chapel now converted to a museum to display the many historic religous works of art native to Benabbio.





These wooden statues, paintings and religous objects are many hundreds of years old.





Don Mario reads the history from this history book. These two wooden statues were commissioned to be carved in the year 1394. Over 600 years ago and in perfect condition.





This statue was carved out of a hollow tree trunk in the 13th century.





This processional is from the 17th century.





These two oil paintings are from the 17th century. Don Mario kindly autographed and gave us two glossy books describing these art treasures.





The Benabbio church, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, was first opened in the year 1336.





The interior is simple yet elegant.





The carved and painted madonna and child art work hanging over the altar was made in 1469.





The church is floodlit at night. This is a wonderful tradition in Italy where all churches and other historic buildings are illuminated at night, even out in the countryside and mountains.





We walk up the hill to our favorite pizza restaurant, Acquolina in Bocca (frog's tongue). Don Mario has joined us and we are placing our orders with Alessandra, the super hostess and co-owner with her husband Giovanni. The orders for Faye and me are both the "superman" pizza, still the best we have ever had. With lots of red wine of course.





This is the "Superman"!!! Very thin crust with all fresh veggies and meats. Makes me hungry just looking at the picture.





Digging in!




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