Window Shopping



Although many of the buildings of Lucca are over a thousand years old, they are constantly renewed by creative tenants who show great artistic flair in decorating the windows of their botique shops.




A favorite coffee bar and restaurant




One of many shops specializing in restoration of art and furnishings




Delis to die for. Fresh pasta, meats, balsamico, wines, and meals to go.




Carli Jewelry store. Unique front on the street (Fillungo), but look inside... the ceilings, chandelier and display casings. Dogs allowed.




Vanni's - our favorite shop for wine and liquor. Modest in appearance, you would never know without going in that Vanni's wine cellars spread under most of the whole block...




...including cellars full of wines going back well over 100 years.




Typical small coffee bar




Typical butcher shop and deli




Santori is my favorite store in Lucca (that doesn't sell food). This one display at the corner of the building is all that is visible to the public. There is no doorway here. The entry to Santori is about 50 meters away, down a narrow side street. The entry has no signage; you simply have to know where it is. But, once found, what a descovery inside...



The interion of Santori is in the guts of a fully restored ancient building and goes down two levels. The structure itself is a masterpiece of restoration. Beyond that, Santori specializes in restoration of antiques and art works. It also combines this with selections of the highest quality new items of furniture and kitchen equipment.







We were looking for a nice antique secretary's desk, so asked for the price on the piece located center left in this photo. Without blinking twice, we were informed that is could be ours for only 95,000 Euro. The Euro was then trading at $1.60 US to one Euro. We said we would seriously think about it...

















Inside a Lucca book store




One of many gelato spots



Amazingly accurate chocolate tools. Perfect gift for any man, or woman.




My favorite hardware store carries really great bronze, brass and copper stuff like large lion head door knockers.




Art Deco facade for a crystal store.







With only this modest front, Pinelli's has a large bakery in the rear and serves some of the world's greatest pasteries and desserts...
 these creations. The upper left is a merange cake. My all time favorite - melts in your mouth. Faye had an apartnment for many months on the third floor of this building, and we could wake up every morning to the perfume of fresh bread and pasteries cooking.



SOOO Good!! Couldn't resist a close up. Melts!!!













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