Our Home in Tuscany - In A Village Called Benabbio





This is Bennabio our beautiful village. We are located about 20 kilometers north of the great city of Lucca, and four kilometers up the hill from the historic town of Bagni di Lucca. Our home is located in the village just behind and to the right of the bell tower of our 1200 year old church.




Our home has about a half acre of gardens. Also a patio area containing a koi pond fed by a spring.





Our beautiful patio and koi pond. Our gardens contain many varieties of trees, including kiwi, plum, cherry, apricot, fig and pear. Also a small vineyard.





This is our party central!





After lunch.





Late afternoon read with Max.





A final glass of wine at 10:00 in the evening on a perfect night.





Our driveway passes an ancient public laundry fed by a spring. Still in use today.





Almost 500 years old, our home has elevated grounds and garden. And a basement holding hidden surprises.





Summer rain view.





Fall colors.





Front yard from front gate to upper garden.





The back yard has several terraced levels and many fruit trees.





Front vertical




The Interior of Our Home

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