Antiques and Crafts Fairs



The Antiques Fair


The Antiques Fair is held on the third weekend of each month. Vendors come from all over Tuscany to set up their stalls with some amazingly good stuff. They literally fill the city with goods on nearly every street and piazza. It is wonderful shopping and fun.



Setting up early Saturday morning in Piazza Bernardini



Lots of stuff to look at in Piazza Antelminelli








Conversation at the silver table




Murano crystal goodies




Beautifully refinished furniture in Piazza San Giovanni




Here in Piazza San Martino is one of my favorite stops. In the shallow boxes on these tables are replacement crystal pieces for antique chandeliers. Just about any size and shape of beveled crystal. You could actually make an entire chandelier from these pieces. Being a chandelier person, I think this is great!



Even the narrow side streets are filled with neat stuff.




Faye shows off some new wine glasses for our future drinking.




Lots of crystal goblets to choose from.



Never pay the asking price...



Even some early civil engineering art



A pair of minature marble lions



The Crafts Fair

The Crafts Fair (actually "Arts and Crafts Fair") occurs the forth weekend of every month. Similar to the Antiques Fair but on a smaller scale, crafts persons from all over the local region display and sell their wares.




Check out these cool carved stones for use as water faucet surrounds. And paper weights.













Old and new at the church of San Guisto.




More in Piazza San Giovanni



Tuscan scenes on terra cotta tiles



Even in pastel shades



Ugly witch dolls.



Faye is shopping for minature figures. I found a really funny one of a civil engineer.



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