Zion National Park



As we enter the eastern National Park boundary it's neat to see the feature where the road paving transitions from the normal grey to a red color that matches the surronding rock formations. The roads throughout the park continue in this color. The concrete bridge structures are also tinted redish orange by use of the local colored sand.




The toll booth is located about a mile inside the park entrance.





Karl pays the entrance fee and gets a welcoming smile from the park ranger.



The first stop


This looks like a neat place to park and explore. A sandstone valley with sloping sides. Still in morning shadow. Cool.





The sides of this bowl-like valley gradually slope up to become very steep.





Amazing layers of sandstone.










Hello! Did I hear an echo?





Karl and Audrey take a picture in front of the sandstone face called "Checkerboard Mesa".





It's getting cold. Time to continue into Zion.





Once we break into the sunlight the views from the road are spectacular. Pleasantly warm.





Layers upon layers of colorful sandstone. Millions of years in the making.




The second stop



This is the beginning of the trail leading to the Canyon Overlook. The trail is about a half mile long, over some narrow and difficult terrain. But, really worth the effort.






And, here we go!





The trail follows the rock face on the right.





A neat cavern in the rock cliff.










Sometimes very narrow.





But, always beautiful.





End of the trail is in sight. See the people on top of the rocks?





And this is it! Canyon Overlook is a thousand feet above the canyon floor. This picture was taken by Audrey when she borrowed my camera. Fantastic view!





Wow! Time to head back to the car, and down to the canyon floor for some lunch and a beer!





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