Wadi Rum


The three hour drive from Amman is on excellent highways over rolling hills.




The entry into Wadi Rum shows some of the brillant color we will see ahead.




On a cool winter day, the visibility is unlimited. We are at a spot called Lawrence's Spring - the water seeping from the ground here was the source of water for Lawrence's army which stayed here during most of the 1916-17 war against the Ottomans.




A small stone rainbow bridge overlooking Wadi Rum.




The entire panorama of Wadi Rum.




A stop to see another spring located up this narrow siq about a hundred yards. Walls covered with ancient petrographs.




These rock walls are all that remains of Lawrence's cabin and headquarters.





A closer look.





Petrographs from pre-history.










Riders on the sand





Our chartered "limo" is this pickup truck with two chairs set in the bed.





Tie everything together for this last look at a beautiful place.



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