Up the Coast to Punta del Este



A typical coastal beach north of Montevedeo. Punte del Este is about 135 kilometers north of Montevedeo, most of which is undeveloped beachs. Awesomely beautiful.





This is the first town of any size we come to - Piriapolis. Hard to describe how beautiful this coastline is.





The Piriapolis yacht basin on left.





Many boats already retired for the winter (April). Weather is still perfect - mid 70s.





Another stretch of beach called Black Beach.





About 15 kilometers south of Punta del Este. A short section of rocky coast.





Entering the south side of Punta del Este. Plenty of beaches.





This is the middle of the harbor side of the city.





The marina in the distance. Many beautiful, world-class condo towers here.





And some fabulous waterfront restaurants. I think we had lobster...





Final look at the marina. Time to head back to Montevedeo and another great meal.



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