The Ramblas and Beaches




Rambla is the word for the broad sidewalks that line the beaches of Montevedeo. These are mostly red granite stone, with numerous benches for sitting in the sun. Since Montevedeo is on a penninsula bordered by the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the River Plate on the west, there are tens of miles of waterfront, much of which is beautiful beach.





On the Atlantic side of the city the ramblas run for 22 kilometers, and have measured distance markers for the athletes that care how far they have gone, or need to go.





There are some beautiful parks spread along the rambla. This one is near the Playa Ramiriz on the left. Each section of the ranmbla has a name. That portion to the right is the Rambla Republica Argentina. That's my rental bike in the center. Great way to explore the coast.





This park also has a skating rink. Lots of kids being taught fancy moves.





The rambla wraps around the Playa Ramirez.





Looking back across Playa Ramirez to the downtown area.





Up the coast about five kilometers we come to this long beach, Playa de los Pocitos. Mid rise housing buildings line the beach. The rambla here is called Rambla Presidente Charles De Gaulle. To the far laft is a park with restaurants and the Yacht Club.





The marina of the Yacht Club.The rambla continues behind me here and runs up the coastline.





The rambla ends here at the Playa de los Ingleses. The name of the rambla here is Rambla Republica de Mejico.




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