Segovia is an easy one-hour bus ride west from Madrid. The buses leave from this Moncloa station which is located underground in front of the magnificent Headquarters of the Air Force.





The underground station is spacious, efficient and clean. Purchasing tickets was fast. Our bus will leave from platform 9 in about ten minutes. Busses run hourly to Segovia.





The busses are very comfortable and clean. A pleasant ride through beautiful countryside.



The Roman Aquaduct

The bus station in Segovia is about a kilometer out from the center of town. Walking in is very pleasant.





Very picturesque.





The aquaduct suddenly comes into view. It is so large it is hard to get a perspective on it.





It is 94 feet tall at its center, and spans 2767 feet from one side of the city to the other.





It was built by the Romans during the second half of the 1st century. Totally without using any cement. Perfectly straight shapes to the rock.





It was in full use until the middle of the 19th century. It is still perfectly preserved.





Perfect alignment.










Time out for ice cream before heading across the city to the Alcazar.




The Alcazar

The Alcazar is situated on the opposite side of the city from the aquaduct. The terrain is very hilly.





Entrance gate to the grounds of the Alcazar. Beautiful park inside.





The Alcazar hidden by trees until reaching the end of the park.





And, there it is. It's big. Looks like a combination of castle and chauteau.





The Alcazar is located at the far end of a site that juts out to vertical cliffs on three sides.





Looking back at the park you can see that the land connection crosses a 100 foot-deep moat. That land connection used to have a draw bridge. With the draw bridge raised and heavy front gates closed this must have been an impenetrable fortress.





Through the inner protective door.





The central courtyard. Through the doorway on the right is the first of many really interesting rooms.





Inside this large room are displayed three fully armored horses and their riders. Original armor. This is the first time I have ever seen fully armed horses.





Really neat.





Entry to the Gallery Room.















Suit of armor. Like new condition.





Detail. Look at the gloves.





More detail.





Moorish ceiling.










The village to the west is about two-hundred feet below.





Looking down from the top of the tower.










Looking northeast at the city. Time to start the long walk back to the bus station.



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