Seattle Sights





On the Ferry to Bainbridge Island





Waiting for Thai food while drinking the world's best beer. On Bainbridge Island.





Karl's art deco office building lobby










A whole new world! Edith and Karl have brought Audry into the family. Here she is at 24 hours old, 15 June 2007





Happy mommy and daughter ten weeks later





Karl puts Audrey to sleep and earns his glass of wine, August 25th





Audrey's little rocking chair ready to work!





Here they are in the master bedroom





And now a beautiful new home for Karl, Edith and Audrey. First look on a cold afternoon in March.





Another look at the whole block on a nice September afternoon.





The entrance foyer.





Foyer looking north towards family room and upstairs landing.





Kitchen play.





Flag man on the Hadler street.





Xander hits the playground at the Hadler culdesac.




Fall Views from the Hadler's Home


Halloween greeters





Lion in red





Dining room window





Living room window





Family room window





Front door view





Before lunch chatter





Decorating Audrey's new dining room table





Ready to run










Ready for Football!





I wonder if anyone would notice...





Gramps and playmate




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