Riva di Garda




Riva is a small city which rambles along the edge of the lake, offering many spectacular views. To the right a very steep mountian that rises up beyond 6000 ft. This place is seriously beautiful.





A full 360 degree look at the small harbor area. The trellace on the left is a sun/rain shelter for passengers waiting for ferries to various other towns on the lake.






The shopping here is great. Many high end shops and super bargains at the end of the season.





Our hotel (Sole) is right in the middle of the action. We had the corner suite with the terrace with the columns center left. Was the view any good???





Just sorta!





Early morning.





The entire rock. An amazing castle hanging on the side about half way up.





From our hotel roof after breakfast.





A morning walk around.





Another castle.










A final look as we head for the car to check out another city.





Can't pass up a look at Riva's underground parking garage. The most beautiful one I have ever seen. Pictures on the walls. Clean enough to eat off the floor... I wasn't hungry.





Up above Riva in the mountains is Lago di Ledro and several other alpine lakes. Easy 30 minute drive west, up about 1800 vertical feet. Great spot for lunch at one of several lakeside restaurants. After lunch, off to Arco.



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