On our 2010 return to Portugal after ten years absence we were excitedly looking for things that had changed. Surprisingly, we could see changes even before we got to Porto. Across almost every mountain range were strings of windmills so large they were visible from 10,000 feet up in the air. We could see hundreds of these windmills in every direction.





Porto airport was also a surprise in that it was large, new and built to an amazingly avant guard design. Take a look inside, below.





A fantastic design, and impeccable workmanship. This was the first of a continuing series of discoveries evidencing the progress Portugal has made since joining the European Union. Although Porto dates back to pre-Roman times, it now is infused with the latest in modern transportation and infrastructure. We have had the pleasure of two more visits to Porto since 2010. The collection of photos herein are a result of all of those great times.




Looking Around




The Douro River Waterfront




The Churches




The Ceramics




The Port Wine - Vino Fino





The Bridges





Mercado do Bolhao, Palacio da Bolsa, and Bocca Restaurant fun




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