Phnom Penh




Lazy morning on the Mekong waterfront










Entrance to the National Museum





One of many beautiful views of the museum





As usual, a gaggle of happy kids




































Approaching the Central Market. This is a classic French colonial design.





Walking into the market





The enormous interior. Busy and noisey.





Food vendors





Bananna lady





Silver shop





Veggie lady





Jewelry lady





Happy sales kid





Typical street view





Another street





Penthouse football










Typical gas station offers gas, oil and air.





one of many wedding dress shops










A surprise watering hole along the Mekong waterfront - A Brazilian bar. With samba music. And caipiranas!





But, my favorite watering hole is in this yellow building - the foreign correspondents club.





Great place to grab a hamburger and beer during the heat of the day.





And enjoy the panorama of the waterfront.




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