Early morning view of the Petra Valley. The ancient Petra is located at the bottom of the gorge covered by shadow at the left center of the view.



Spiffy Park Police are mostly ceremonial in this docile place.




We start out using a horse and carriage to carry us to the bottom of the valley, a couple of miles away through the "Siq".





Roadway leading to the Siq.




Entering the Siq




The walls of the narrow Siq get higher the further we go.




A real "wow" place.




The walls of the Siq are covered with ancient niches and carvings.




The end of the Siq gives us this classic peek at the "Treasury" building.




Full frontal look




The Treasurery is located in a narrow cross-canyon








More detail




Interior room




Around the corner from the Treasury this canyon leads to the heart of Petra.




This is the central wall of Petra. The Treasurery is located at the far end of the canyon to the right.




The large theatre could hold several thousand persons.




Second look from the other side.




It's time to saddle up for the long trek to the Deir Temple located north of here about five miles, with a steep two thousand foot climb in the last mile.




We let the flashy camels rest - we need real worker donkeys for the climb ahead... Does this look like a tourist?...




We cross the valley floor heading for the cliffs ahead. Our guide leads the way.




Some of the side canyons full of neat homes to be explored next time.




Here we go. Up, up, up...




We arrive at the Deir Temple in a driving rain. Cold, and glad to have survived the slick vertical ride.




Fortunately, there is a neat cave and coffee shop strategically placed for our drying out while waiting for the weather to clear.





An hour later it is dry and sunny.





The Deir Temple face.





Full front





Before we know it, its time to head back. We have just enough time to make it out by dark.





Some of the rugged trail on the left. Narrow, wet and sloped. And, scary!




Passing through the Royal Gate as we head towards the Petra main wall.





We make it to our hotel just at sunset. Tired and with sore bottoms. The beer tastes great. We elected to stay in this rustic hotel rather than a typical 4-star franchise. Our hotel is a converted Bediun village located on top of a ridge above Petra.





Faye shopped for frankensense and murr at the spice shop.





The hotel curio shop is full of unique items.





The next day we drive north to a canyon called "Little Petra". It actually is a tributary of Petra Valley and can be reached on foot from main Petra or from the eastern route we are taking. This is the view of Petra Valley from the east.





The main trail in Little Petra has many carved buildings.





Little Petra view




Little Petra is on a scale much smaller than Petra. But, beautiful and interesting.




That's the end of Petra...



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