Pest Center and South




Looking downstream from the Chain Bridge. The Pest waterfront on the left consists of docking places for tour cruises, then light rail streetcar tracks, a roadway and at last a constant parade of sidewalk cafes.





The sidewalk cafes stretch along the river to the left, and also inward towards the city center.





The city center is two blocks straight ahead in this photo.





And this is the center. A very large plaza surrounded by high-end retail stores and sidewalk cafes.




A walk down Vaci Utica Street


This is the center again, but on an overcast morning. We were told that an interesting walk would be to take Vaci Utica Street from the city center south to the Central Market Hall, about a mile away. So, if we turn around to our hard right in this photo we will be on the beginning of Vaci Utica.





It is a pedestrian only street. Endless retail stores and restaurants line the way.





Lots of side streets join into Vaci Utica (left in this photo).





Faye checks it all out.





Some interesting architecture enroute.





Top floor is for sale.





The end of Vaci Utica is ahead. The building at the end is the Market Hall.



Central Market Hall


And here it is.





Hungarian design visible in the roof and facade. This building was completed in 1896 using a cast iron frame. Still in great shape.





The market is full of locals and tourists. Lots of meats, vegitables and fruit for sale, as well as many restaurants.










Fruit and vegies.




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