Newport, Oregon


This lovely city on the ocean is our favorite stop when returning from our visits with Norman and Deirdre in Sonoma. Newport is about 50 miles directly west of Corvallis. It has several beach resorts as well as an active fishing industry. It also is the home of the Pacific headquarters of NOAH, with its labs and fleet of ships. In addition to its natural beauty, Newport is full of fabulous seafood restaurants and art galleries.


This is Nye Beach, a resort at the north side of the main channel entrance to the harbor.





This is the Yaquina Bay Bridge that spans 3260 feet across the entrance to the newport (Yaquina Bay) harbor. The bridge was a PWA project completed in 1936. Has a art deco motif. The old town center is located just past the bridge on the left (north) in this picture.





Just east of the bridge on the north side of the bay is the old town, containing several large fish processing plants as well as many restaurants and shops. Fun place to walk and eat. This is the main street, Bay Boulevard.





A look at the harbor. The NOAH site and docks are straight across in the center of this picture.





About a quarter mile east on Bay Blvd is one of our favorite seafood restaurants, The Ocean Blue @ Ginos. Directly across from several fish processing plants, it offers totally fresh seafood.





Doesn't look like much in this mid afternoon look. But, packed during mealtimes. Off to the left is a complete seafood counter for purchasing fish.





Another half mile east on Bay Blvd is this small resturant, the Coffee House. In spite of its plain demeanor it serves arguably the best breakfast food we have ever had. It is a "must stop" venue.





Always a line, especialy on Sundays. Menu on the wall. Nothing fancy, but look at the food...





This time I ordered the "small" order of blueberry pancakes, and Faye had the crab cakes benedict. That pancake is over 12 inches in diameter, and fabulous. And Faye's beyond description.





We decided to stay in Nye Beach for this visit. We really liked this beautiful, new hotel - The Inn at Nye Beach.





The view from our room terrace.





A sitting area below for those not wanting to descend to the beach.





Faye decides to run a portion of the marithon course. Newport will host a marithon in May, and Faye has already registered for herself and Abbi. For this morning run, Faye will run three miles to join up with me for breakfast at the Coffee House.





A fresh day for a run.





And here she comes. I am waiting in front of the Coffee House. Today I will go for another blueberry pancake, topped with two eggs over easy.





A last look at the harbor as we head out for the return to Seattle. We'll be back!



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