The Nemo Saga Continues





Assessing for "the bomb"





The Skeleton is revealed... can you see him??

He has a rifle laying on him.




Here's a look at his final resting place... well, until now...





We pull out the old breifcase and suitcase, and what do we find???





Right out of a novel, hidden in the suitcase we find a small bottle with a note inside.





The note was handwritten in green ink on nice stationary. Two full pages. See the email at the beginning of this saga to get the tragic, heart-rendering story of Nemo.





If you enlarge this you might just about be able to read it. Dated April, 1958, the note is titled "Declaratione di Suicide".





And now it is a matter for the Caribinieri.




The Nemo Saga Continues...


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