Port Ludlow




A Beautiful Morning in the 'hood - our home on the right. We purchased this home in late 2005 and moved into it in early 2006. Everything fresh and new.





Evening in the Kitchen





A look back towards the dining room. Still unpacking boxes.





Everyone seems to be settling in nicely! That's Max, our international traveling cat.





Edith and Karl assemble a new dresser for the downstairs closet, and ...





...Reassemble the 120 year old amoire from Italy. Sidney approves!





Our home guardian is ready to protect us at the front door.





A perfect fall evening in the neighborhood.





A surprise snowy morning.





I'm ready to go in for a cup of coffee!!





That's more like it!





The kids hung the Murano mirror while we were away on one of our international assignments. Sure is great to have help like that!





Karl puts in some overtime in the study.





View from the desk.





Faye gets to show Audrey the new digs.





And gets a laugh!





Xander gets his first look around here, too. Playing "spider" with Nona.





Living room look, with gift from Norman and Deirdre - a beautiful painting by Richard Moquin.





Baby Audrey gets her first samba lesson...





The years have gone by and given the neighborhood a mature and green look. This in 2018.





Our home is still a great place, now with tall trees and shrubs. Oreo is scouting the end of the driveway.





View from the front. The hill across the street has a really neat gazebo on top.





View from the gazebo. Fun place for a glass of wine while watching the world.





Much more in the Family and Friends and The Great Christening branches.


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