The Lucca Wall



Viale Carlo Del Prete (left) is the name of the perimeter road around the west side of Lucca. My favorite entry into Lucca is via the pathway to the right. There is a large parking lot free to the public about two blocks off to the left, which is a good place to anchor the wheels. The rest of the way is on foot.




First good look at the wall. This triangular shape of earth in the foreground is designed to force invading soldiers to concentrate at the two far ends, which are directly in the fields of fire from riflemen posted on top of the wall.







This unusual shaped protrusion of the wall is called a Baluar, and is designed to give riflemen better fields of fire covering three directions, including down the face of the wall in both directions. The passageway ahead is my entranceway into the city.




Looking into Lucca from on top of the wall. The pathway in the center below comes from that passageway through the wall, shown in the prior photo. Top of the wall walkway is to the left, church at the center is the Basilica San Frediano, and the palace to the right is the Palazzo Pfanner. For a detailed look at the Palazzo Pfanner click on this branch PALAZZO PFANNER .




The wall is about 5 kilometers (2.5 miles) in circumfrence, making it a perfect length for strolling, biking or running.




Vast cleared field of fire along the west side. Note the Baluar on the left.




This is the Baluar do San Croce - yes each of these has a name. You can see the two cannon portholes at the left of the Baluar. These two cannons point directly along the face of the wall and can clear out any footsoldiers that might be trying to climb the wall on ladders.




Looking back from directly above the two cannon portholes, this shows the clear field of fire along the wall all the way to the next Baluar.








The tops of the Baluars actually make beautiful parks for lovers and loafers in the summer time.





The back of San Martino Cathederal from top of the wall.





Some homes encroach right up to the interior side of the wall




A final look on a cool October day.




Now, let's head in and enjoy this beautiful city.



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