The Lourinha Coast




This is the mouth of the Lagoa do Obidos. We are about an hour north of Lisbon. The city across the lagoon is Foz do Arelho, and we are standing in an area known as Bom Sucesso (good success).





We first came here in 2000, while visiting the fortified city of Obidos. At that time we had just decided to purchase a home in Europe. Since we both speak Portuguese, we thought it worth while to consider Portugal as a pontential home country. We contacted a real estate agent in Obidos and were shown a number of interesting homes.





This was the particular home that really attracted us. A new, large four bedroom on a beautiful lot. We eventually passed on this one, but not without a lot of thought. The fact that we ended up purchasing and restoring a 500 year old home in Italy was something that we really appreciate in hindsight. But, this is still a really beautiful home.





Here we are in the ancient fishing village of Peniche.





The yacht harbor. The industrial fish processing factories are in the far right.





The fort of Peniche dates back to the 17th century. It was made a political prison from 1933 to 1974, then a tourist attraction.










Full panorama looking southwest. Peniche is the best surfing location in Europe and hosts world class surfers and competetions.





The village is colorful.





And the dogs are really friendly. Faye wanted to take this guy home with us.





Our accomodation for that night was in this small but spectaculer hotel called the Silver Coast Vacation Inn. Only five rooms. But its 95% positive rating was fully earned. A beautiful, new facility looking out across the Atlantic. Fabulous hosts.





Daytime view. We are ready to head over to Obidos.




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