Looking Around



Looking east from on the wall. The path below center comes from a passage through the wall (two heavy suspended gates can be dropped to seal that entry in the event of invasion). The pathway heads towards the San Frediano Church. Just beyond the church about a block is the main north-south street - Via Fillungo.



Via Fillungo. Heart of the city.




Corner of Via Mura (left) and Fillungo




Corner of Via Fillungo (cross street) and Via Buia




Fillungo panorama




Don't forget to look up at history




Entry to Piazza Anfiteatro - the site of the Roman ampitheatre, long since torn down for stone to build buildings




Piazza Anfiteatro. Site of many events and some good restaurants and bars.




Piazza San Michele - where medievel armies meet to do "battle"...




..And where an open market sells goodies at Christmas.




Entry to Piazza Napoleone from Via Vitorio Emanuele II




From the other side.




Early Spring pan of Piazza Napoleone from the west




From the east, same cool April day




Winter festival look at Piazza Napoleone




Including ice skating




Book stalls behind the church at Piazza San Giusto




One of my favorite bars on the edge of Piazza San Michele. Great place to sit for an hour or so nursing a Countreau and watching the passing scene.





A look at Piazza San Michele on a sunny afternoon.




Courtyard of the Palazzo Donatto in which Faye enjoyed a marvelous apartment for a few months. Just off Via del Battistero





Our favorite restaurant in Lucca




Courso Giuseppe Garibaldi (cross street) at Via V. Veneto. Via V. Veneto is one of the main entry routes to Lucca from the south near the train station through the Porta San Pietro gate in the wall.




Looking north from the terrace of Jim and Katie's apartment. San Frediano Church on the left.



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