Kwajalein Beaches and Ocean


During the hustle of a busy work day it sometimes is easy to lose track of the fact that this is a very small island, 3 miles in lengh by 1/2 mile in width, surrounded by a narrow reef outside of which the water depth drops almost vertically to almost 4000 ft in depth. It is an environmentally pristine island and atoll.




Family Beach on the 4th of July. Waiting for the fireworks show which is launched from the barge.





Another look at Family Beach. This is the major gathering place for special events as well as lazy weekend afternoons. The pavilion on the right is a favorite party venue.





Another look.





Family Beach from the south end. Lots of little barbacue venues.





Another day.





Typical dinner on the beach.





Luao concert. One of many entertainment groups passing through. Very popular family outings.





Spectators for the Olympics canoe race.





Small boat marina at noon Sunday, during changeover of boats from morning shift to afternoon. We are ready to go out in the afternoon.





Dave and JD are the best fishermen on the island. Lucky for me that they drag me along for my great thrills and their laughs.





Once out past the reef the search begins. What to look for? Bird piles just like this. The sea birds dive for the small fish that the larger fish drive to the surface. They are a clear sign of big fish in the area. Trolling through a birdpile is what we dream of.





Strike! Dave unboots the rod and clears it to the side.





Once reeled in, JD gaffs it and hauls it aboard.





Another beauty!





JD has a little different style... He reels in the hooked fish...





... And launches it! Airborne! Duck! Its only a 20 pound Aku.





JD is driving us on a calm day just outside the Begee Pass and the east reef. We caught 40 fish that day. Several times having fish on all four rods at the same time.





But, none of our forty fish came close to these two record Ono they caught on another day.





Beyond and below fishing is diving. With some of the clearest water and unspoiled habitat, diving is popular for everyone. This a look at some coral just before the reef droops off from 100 feet to 3000 feet deep.





A perfect fan coral. Someday I shall return for more of this water fun!




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