Santiago de Compestela



This city is the seat of the Government of Galacia. It is a clean, modern city with new and well-maintained housing and infrastructure. Ultra modern housing. New airport and new high-speed rail connections to the major cities in Spain.





Cutting edge architecture.





A beautiful, large university campus on the right. This is the University of Santiago de Compestela, famous since the year 1495. It covers 320 acres and has more than 2000 teachers and 42,000 students. It ranks as one of the most prestigious universities in Spain.





Other examples of the advanced state of creative government thinking and of public design include the Cidade de Cultura, described in one of the sections below.





The most notable of attractions of this city is it's ancient historic center which includes the Cathederal of Santiago de Compostela, consecrated in the year 1211. This cathederal is famous as being the target objective of many religous pilgrimage routes initiating from cities in France and Spain. Called the Camino de Santiago (or the Way of St. James), over 200,000 pilgrims make this long trek on foot or bicycle each year.





The route from France as depicted on the back of a t-shirt.




The Historic Center




Monasterio de San Martin Pinario




Cidade da Cultura




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