The endless wait for the Baghdad flights at the British military terminal in Kuwait





Stop in Erbil with Ken enroute Baghdad





The ride into Baghdad





Typical late evening arrival





Pete reads the Stars and Stripes at BIAP





Ian shows his litter tree as reminder to keep the camp clean





LTGEN Flowers from the Corps of Engineers visits the team





Ben and everyone gets searched entering the Iraq Telephone and Post (ITPC) ministry





Weekly meeting with the Minister and ITPC senior staff. July 03 - no windows, no a/c, no doors - totally gutted bldg. And 120 degrees





Bab Almuadham site team





Money on the table. ITPC cash for paying subcontractors





Ben and Ziad training ITPC maintenance engineers on generator fueling and maintenance





The Kadamyha site team





Signs of success - Baya operators calling to contact newly connected subscribers





Engineer Zaid wins a twenty for beating the schedule





"This is where the receptionist sat", says Cliff to Dave at Mamoun





Do you really think this will work?, Cliff asks Steve





Weekly project meeting with ITPC GM and team





Training Iraqi switch operators





Jeff fills the void as acting General Manager of the ITPC - a permanent position he turned down





Salman tells Steve and Hasan how it should look





Michael Parker, Lucent's great Project Manager takes a quick meeting moment in the sun at Mamoun. The ITPC site superintendent looks on.





Bill Evans - Globecom's miracle worker Project Manager





Great telecoms team Christmas photo





The real heroes - Iraqi splicers working all day in a concrete manhole with the temperature above 120 degrees



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