Family in Lucca



A familiar figure walking through Piazza Napoleone




Xander tries his moves on a young "lady"




Time out from chasing pigeons to say hello to a nice lady




Remember those chocolate tools? Well here we are ready to chomp into a big nut.




Xander thinks the pigeon hunting is better here in Piazza Michele




Abbi in the lap of Puccini. Lucca is the birthplace of Puccini and where he wrote some of his music.




It seems like the only pictures we have of family in Lucca are around tables laden with food and wine. After looking around in my files, I discovered that the best way to show family in Lucca is by showing you the results of our fun trip made in April. So, please click on the underlined title below and off you go...



Our Family trip to Lucca in April 08


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