The Dead Sea



The drive from Aqaba to the Dead Sea takes about two hours heading due north and down hill across desolate desert. We go from sea level to about 1300 feet below sea level.




First real look at the Dead Sea. Water is very clear and blue green. This is at the spot called Lot's Pillar of Salt. The hill on the far side is the West Bank of Israel.




This is a typical section of beach developed by resort hotels along the eastern shore. In this case, this is the Movenpick's beach.




Bathers venture into the water and float like corks in water six times as salty as the ocean.





Our home in the Dead Sea on numerous trips from Amman is the Movenpick Dead Sea Hotel.





The hotel is designed like a classical Arabian village, with numerous cottages connected by landscaped walkways.





There is a serious, world class spa. Faye is making arrangements for salt and mud baths, massages and other exotic beauty treatments.





Meanwhile, I get to spend time at the pool and reading a good book.



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