Croatia Part Two - From Split south to Dubrovnik



The drive south from Split was beautiful and rugged





Lake district north of Dibrovnik





Dibrovnik approach





Dubrovnik harbor





South Gate entrance area





Stradun Plaza in the rain





Stradun Plaza morning sun





Top of the great wall of defense





Buying figs in the plaza in front of the great Pucic Hotel





High speed internet inside our sumptious room in the Pucic Hotel





Door to our room in the Pucic Hotel





Lace sales by the harbor





Inside the West Gate





View from our dinner table on the Pucic Plaza





Fountain outside the west gate





Dubrovnik from the west





Gradic village harbor East





Gradic Village harbor West





Saying goodbye to Split after returning from Dubrovnik - on our ship for an overnight sailing to Ancona, Italy





Excellent dinner for two in the dining room of our overnight ship to Italy





Early morning arrival at Ancona - Back in Italy!




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