Cairo City and Souks




The new Cairo International Airport is a recent significant addition to the City. This is now a fitting entry portal to this amazing country.




The cool and calm of the airport terminal is quickly forgotten during the exciting taxi ride to the hotel. Downtown is about a 40 minute ride. Traffic is a free for all, with no rule other than you can't run into anyone else. We counted about one horn honk by our driver every 30 seconds.




The morning view from our hotel terrace tells us that there is much to explore.





Heading out on foot across the Qasr El-Nil Bridge.





A quick walk across the bridge reveals several beautiful riverside parks. great for wandering.





In the afternoon we head for the famous Souk - The Khan El Khalili. This is the entry area.





The outer perimeter of this giant souk is for necessities such as clothing and tourist stuff. The high quality gold and artisan wares are towards the center.





In the center there are great finds around every corner.





An antiques shop.





Stuff happening everywhere...





A lamp shop selling nice but cheap stuff.





We were looking for nice lamps, and finally found some great choices in a jewelry/lamp store.





These three are the final selections we took home.





At the opposite end of the shopping spectrum, Cairo has some world-class malls such as this Mall of the Stars.





Another morning, we take a leisurely carrage ride through some of the city and eventually end up at the famous Egyptian Museum.





The front area of the museum. Unfortunately, no picture taking is allowed inside.





There are some mavelous carved granite statues.





Great work for 3000 years ago.





Mystical figures fit into the background.





After touring all day, it was always a pleasure to return to a comfortable hotel and cold beer!



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