We first visited this wonderful place in the year 2000, after having seen an article about it. It was a great time for us then, so we wanted to see it again and enjoy its luxury. By car from Lisbon to Bussaco takes an easy two and a half to three hours. Our actual destination is not Bussaco proper, which is a town about five kilometers from our real destination which is The Bussaco Palace Hotel. Built originally as a summer palace for the royal family, it was completed in 1907. Its design is a rare classical Manueline, patterned after the Tower of Belen, in Lisbon. The Bussaco Palace Hotel is located in the middle of a dense hilltop forest. Look it up in the internet to get the full history and current status of this great five star hotel.


The gardens are large and surround the hotel. Beyond the perimeter of the gardens there are trails that lead to exotic plants, waterfalls, lakes and more gardens. The Bussaco Forest is Portugal's most famous woodland, featuring over 700 species of trees from all parts of the world.





Tranquil and beautiful.




















This is the front entrance to the hotel. A good introduction to what Manueline style is about. The front door to the hotel is down the walk ahead to where some person is standing. Wonderful moasics of azulejo tiles along the way.





To the victor... This relates to the Battle Of Bussaco in which Portuguese and British forces defeated the invading army of Napoleon in September 1810.





A stormy night...





First look inside the main entrance to the hotel. This is the concerege area where guests are welcomed.





And the central hall with stairs up to the left, and reading room to the right.





Let's go up the staircase.





The stairs are bracketed with large azulejo tile scenes of battle by a famous artist, Jorge Colaco. Our room is on the third floor. Yes, they do have an elevator.





Our humble room measures around 20 by 30 feet, with a marble bathroom 20 by 15 feet.





Window over the staircase. Let's look around the main floor.





This is what I call the reading room. Giant marble fireplace and door/window surrounds. Painted murals over all the walls. Fantastic ceiling.





This is the bar, next door to the reading room. Beautiful wall mural depicting the return of exhausted soldiers after the Battle Of Bussaco. And, great bar service.





The dining room is equally special. Manueline decorative door and window surrounds, murals on all the walls. And a ceiling second to none.





The ceiling is special art. As you might expect, this is one of the most renowned restaurants in the country. Famous chef, broad menu, and incredable wine collection.





The murals.










This is the breakfast setup. Free for guests. The beautiful window opens to the outdoor porch area.





And, this is the porch. Perfect for lunch or dinner.





Hard to say goodbye to this fabulous place. Expensive? Actually no. Our room was around 130 Euros per night, with free breakfast. Do yourself a favor and visit this place. You might see us there!




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