The Blue Mosque





The Blue Mosque dominates the skyline of the Golden Horn and southern Istanbul. Completed in 1616, the dome reaches 141 feet in height. It is so large that it can hold 10,000 worshipers. It is still an active mosque.





One of the main gates for access to the large inner park surrounding the Blue Mosque is here on the side of the hippodrome.





The park inside the walls is large and makes a perfect setting for viewing this large mosque.





One of the walkways leading to the main entrance.





Inside the entrance is this large courtyard. On the edges are washrooms for cleansing prior to prayers. Because this is an active mosque, visiting by tourists is limited to times between prayers.





The inside is grand in every sense.





The lower levels are covered by over 200,000 handmade ceramic tiles. There are more than 200 stained glass windows.










The columns that support the dome are of enormous size.





A great landmark. Also fully lit at night.




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