Bechtel Camp and People



Bechtel camp site chosen on Uday's palace grounds 14 May 03





Building the camp - 10 July





Regular Thursday night barbacue - 18 September





Camp center at noon - 18 November





Same area three months later, with new sidewalks and bags





"Rasheet Square" - site of evening outdoor movies





Rasheet Square in a sandstorm - 15 Feb 04, at 3:00 pm





East side garden - office area





My room in trailer 47





Returning from a mission





Thanksgiving dinner in the mess hall





All hands Christmas 03





Steve, Steve and Ben head out





Terry and Mike in rare sit down





"Bedsheet" dinner briefings with Ambassadors Bremer and McManaway





Telecoms team office, with Jim, Steve, Jeff, Hasan and Stefan





First IED -3 Dec 03





Camp support team Christmas 03





Christmas party, all hands





Cliff leads the cheering at the Christmas party talent contest



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