Old Amman from the top of Citadel Hill




Roman ampitheatre in center of Old Amman




The Temple of Hercules ruins on Citadel Hill




Mosque on the Roman ruins




Home in Amman - le Meridian Hotel




The lobby of the Meridiam




View from my room on 7th floor




My office building across the street from the hotel




Our office for managing the design of the Basrah Children's Hospital





Driving around town. Excellent roads and infrastructure.




Mansion in the high rent suburbs




Beautiful family home




Typical upper middle class home




Another mansion




Queen Noor's handicraft center showroom




Bedroom on display




Furniture and other wares




Dining room stuff




Another bedroom




King Abdullah and Queen Rania - extremely popular and beloved. This is their wedding photo from 1993.




And, the royal family today. Still immensely popular and influencial all over the world.




The local Safeway store




Checkout registers. Ultra modern, even with an escalator to the second floor.




Just like home




Final look




Local nuts and candy store




Candy and sweets store




Same store with pastries right out of the oven




My favorite kabob cafe spot for lunch




Local jewelry is untra chic




Another example of local and popular artistry




A shop in the gold suk in old Amman.




Amman's only golf course. Dirt fairways and oiled sand "greens". Caddie lays down a small patch of astro turf under your ball for hitting off the dirt fairways.





Faye packs up all the little Arabs for transport back to Italy and the States for our use and as gifts.



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